Pulp and Paper


Papermakers require large quantities of energy and water to produce the paper products we use in our everyday lives. The resultant wastewater must be carefully managed. At many pulp and paper mills, anaerobic treatment is well established, but because of chemical, thermomechanical, and chemi-thermomechanical processes used in the industry, this wastewater often has high organic strength and may contain compounds that make it difficult to treat. 

How do you produce pulp and paper products profitably while addressing critical wastewater challenges?

ADI Systems' trusted treatment technologies are rooted in sustainable wastewater management. Our experience and diverse range of customizable technologies allow us to provide the best solution to minimize both the environmental impact and production costs of your pulp and paper mill operations.

We recognize that each mill is unique, depending on the type of product produced, the wastewater’s effluent characteristics, environmentally imposed regulations, and your subsequent treatment objectives.

To learn how we can help you comply with regulatory requirements, reduce wastewater surcharges and waste sludge, reuse water, and convert wastewater into green energy:

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