As brewing production increases in a water-intensive industry, beer producers must be mindful to conserve water wherever possible and dispose of by-products properly to minimize the environmental impact of their operations. Brewery wastewater contains various chemical and organic compounds, plus particulate matter such as yeast and spent grains, which can be difficult to treat.

How can your brewery keep producing beer at an affordable price while responsibly addressing wastewater requirements? 

ADI Systems is committed to working with breweries to provide reliable, cost-efficient wastewater treatment. By investing in on-site wastewater treatment, your brewery can meet strict effluent limits to comply with regulations, conserve water, and even tap into green energy already present in the wastewater that could aid in your energy recovery efforts.

Brewery wastewater is well suited for ADI Systems’ anaerobic and aerobic technologies. Since many breweries have space limitations, ADI Systems offers custom-designed, space-saving technologies. We have the experience and the solutions to address the unique challenges faced by breweries.

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